2020 Releases January – April

It goes without saying that it’s been a weird year for books. Okay, it’s been a weird year full stop. More than weird. But you know what’s a great distraction? All the wonderful and magical diverse Middle Grade that’s been released so far this year! (Oh, and if you’re wondering where May is, most May releases have been pushed back to July/August, so check back soon to see them!)


Representation: Black protagonist

Representation: Navajo protagonist, Navajo mythology/folklore, *own voices

(*Roanhorse is Native, but states that she is Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo)

Representation: Korean folklore, Asian American protagonist, biracial protagonist, own voices

Representation: Trans protagonist, POC protagonists, diverse cast, queer author


Representation: Polish culture, immigration storyline, own voices

Representation: trans character, queer author

Representation: Mexican American protagonist, Mexican culture, own voices


Representation: Indian protagonist, Indian mythology/folklore, own voices

Representation: Black protagonist, own voices


Representation: Dominican protagonist, Dominican folklore, diverse cast, own voices

Representation: POC Protagonist

Representation: Indian protagonist, Indian folklore/mythology, own voices

Representation: POC protagonists, diverse cast

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